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Your  logo offers the world a glimpse of who you are and what you do. It should not just be instantly recognizable but also offer a clear and compelling narrative that people will remember.


 Your logo is your company's identity.


Simplicity is key.


    Think about logos you really love. Why do you love them? And think about those you don’t like. Why do you remember them? Are they overly complex, too literal, too abstract, or do they strike your interest and leave you wanting more?

When evaluating your logo or approaching the redesign process, here are a few key words that can help:

  • Simple
  • Has personality
  • Tells a story (but not a long one)
  • Every element carries meaning
  • Void of any unnecessary elements

    Think about your new logo, contact us and we will design a logo that captures the personality of your business, one that will make your company unique.